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Kids In Glass Houses

Peace CD Album

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Release Date: 30/09/2013

Discs: 1

‘Peace’ was largely written during a series of sessions at guitarist Iain Mahanty’s house, as he and frontman Aled Phillips tinkered at leisure meaning that the album represents the band at their most relaxed. Where 2011’s ‘In Gold Blood’ was a critically acclaimed head-trip through a fantasy world, ‘Peace’ is a boundlessly entertaining collection of songs that proves beyond all doubt, that Aled, Iain, guitarist Joel Fisher, bassist Andrew Sheehy and drummer Philip Jenkins, can write one hell of a tune.

1. Peace
2. Drive
3. Set Me Free
4. VIP
5. Novocaine
6. Storm Chasers
7. Runaways
8. Up All Night
9. Black Cloud
10. Nightcrawler