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Sam Gray

Brighter Day CD Album

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Release Date: 24/10/2011

Discs: 1

Since bursting onto the scene in 2011 with the Radio 2 play-listed debut single ‘Cartwheel Queen’ Sam Gray has gone from strength to strength. The talented singer/songwriter spent that year a special guest on the sold-out Overtones UK tour, playing at prestigious venues including the London Palladium and performing to some 40,000 people.

His album Brighter Day wound its way in the Top 10 singer/songwriter albums on iTunes and his fan base continues to grow each day thanks to radio support from more than 40 stations.

1. Senorita
2. City Lights
3. Aeroplanes And Possibilites
4. Cartwheel Queen
5. Weak Side Up
6. Two Hearts
7. Brighter Day
8. Fireflies
9. Startin' To Wonder
10. Arwen
11. All Of My Life
12. How It Ends