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Bleach Blood

All The Sides Of A Circle CD Album (Signed)


Release Date: 02/03/2015

Discs: 1

Blood frontman Jamie Jazz. It’s all in the name of creating an alternative to the “pretty boy, sound alike, over-produced s**t that’s passed as guitar music nowadays,” he says.

Bleach Blood have risen from the ashes of The King Blues, bandleader Jamie Jazz’s former outfit. While the punk roots laid
down by his former band certainly haven’t been forgotten, Bleach Blood’s sound is equally informed by white label dance music – the electronic and house music that Jazz has since been exposed to after relocating to London’s Manor House warehouse community.

The album bookends a massive year for Bleach Blood, who were playlisted on XFM and picked up spins on Radio 1’s punk show. Lead single ‘Pleased to Meet You’ also premiered on Killing Moon, summoning “elements of the pop-punk greats of the early

1. All The Sides Of A Circle
2. H.O.P.E
3. Pleased To Meet You
4. London In The Rain
5. P.E.A.C.E
6. East LDN Dance Party
7. Destroy Us. Destroy Everything
8. Darling, Don'™t Dive Without Me
9. Let Your Heart Sing
10. Anything, Anything
11. Love Is Dead
12. Broken Glass